Welcome to The Quill’s Lair!

Who wouldn’t love to sit down with a book (like Quest for the King from the front table of Mr. M’s) with a cup of coffee or tea near the fireplace in the room we call Gathering of the Magicae? You can find all of this and more at The Quill’s Lair.

The Quill’s Lair is a wondrous place. This is a world in which words have meaning and power.

The Quill’s Lair was founded in 2016 and specializes in the publication and sales of fantasy and faith titles, as well as the sales of a few essential wares to start you on your magical, mystical, and mindful journey.

Feel free to enter through the inner courtyard and peruse this enchanted place.

(Click on the doors to enter the courtyard!)

Want to know why it is called The Quill’s Lair? Find out here!


The Quill’s Lair — 53 Comments

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