Every Day Fiction published the flash fiction story, The Garden and The Goblin, in September 2017

AJ’s #1LineWed tweet made the favorites.

Jasmine Carlisle blogs her favorite 1 line Wednesday tweets and AJ made the cut on July 20th, 2016. Check it out here!

AJ had a short piece dedicated to her for helping an Italian author with English

The Legend of the Wandering Sages of the North by Emi White was dedicated to AJ on June 16th, 2016.

AJ was tweeted by her local Starbucks

Arundel Village Starbucks in Hanover, MD caught AJ in action on April 23rd, 2016.

Author Interview with AJ

LA Sutherlin of the FANDOM FREAK’S BLOG  conducted an author interview with AJ (). It was a ton of fun being in the news. Check it out!