1. Brainstorm
  2.  Rough outline
  3. WRite draft one
  4. Edit for content ( potholes, missing storyline)
  5. Edit for consistency (blonde versus blue brunette, dark versus torch-lit)
  6.  Edit for transitions, and lead sentences
  7.  Proof for grammar
  8.  Create covers (Canva) 6″ x 9″ paperback is easiest to work with, and don’t forget an e-book cover.
  9.  Check for prices of similar books and decide on your price point
  10. Draft2Digital account
  11. fill out your author information
  12.  Fill out your author information
  13. Upload your book
  14. Upload your cover
  15. Fill a book information
  16. Prove all three formats (on computer, iPhone, and iPad)
  17. Approve PDF, mobi, and ePub versions
  18.  Push to all e-book sites available
  19.  Download all three finished versions
  20.  Create accounts for CreateSpace, Amazon, KDP, and SmashWords (especially if you want Books A Million)
  21.  Get a paperback proof done. Read the entire thing.
  22.  Make any edits in drafted digital, reapprove formats, and upload all of the new versions appropriately.
  23. It will take minutes to about a week to push out everywhere.
  24.  Advertise! You can make great pictures with the Typorama app.